Uma Fruta Estranha is a short film that I created after studying abroad in Brazil. I grew fascinated by the similarities between Afro-Brazilians and African-Americans. We might be divided by a language, but we are united by an ocean, a slave trade, spiritual systems, music, dance, and so much more. We are also united by our tears: our struggles with police brutality, erasure, marginalization, and many other forms of violence and discrimination. Uma Fruta Estranha is a visual poem exploring the struggles that bind us across continents. However, it is also a reflection of the resilience and beauty that our ancestors instilled in us - the glue that connects us within this African Diaspora.
Festival Recognition:
- The National Film Festival for Talented Youth, 2019 Official Selection *Nominated for the Best Experimental Short Film*
- The CineYouth Film Festival, 2020 Official Selection
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