In 'BEN IN BLOOM,' Ben, a non-binary and queer teenager from the contentious Bucks County, Pennsylvania school district, weaves a heartfelt tapestry of their past, reliving the moments and people that shaped them into a fearless LGBTQ+ advocate. Their journey is a poignant exploration of self-discovery, resilience, and a commitment to securing a safer future for queer and trans teens.

A TRAVERSE32 Production
In Association with Field Of Jasmine Films

Starring: Ben Busick, Rose Lopresti-Busick, and Marlene Pray with Brianna Quinn, Rachel Leopold, and The Rainbow Room 2023 Open Mic Night Youth
Directed by Natalie Jasmine Harris
Executive Producers: Brendan Gaul, Brett Henenberg, Sara Scully
Producers: Odalis Lopez, Nic Cory, Daniel Brooks, Samiyah Wardlaw
Associate Producers: Drew Swedberg and Luke Bonzani
Director of Photography: Anumeha Sinha
Editor: Harry Cepka
Animator: Johanna Xue
Original Score by Carmen Lustik
Featuring “Primordial Soup” by Ratwyfe
This film was produced through Queer Cuts: New Hope in partnership with Traverse32 and Outfest.
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