Films & media Produced by Natalie J. Harris

As a producer, Natalie recently worked as an Associate Video Producer at Vogue. She was also previously an Associate Video Producer+Editor at Viacom's LogoTV. Natalie has worked on a plethora of indie short film projects by award-winning directors that include Tyler Rabinowitz, Daniel Antebi, and Fatimah Asghar. Natalie also produced the first Black queer animated short film “Pritty: The Animation” by filmmaker Terrance Daye which raised over $100,000 through a viral Kickstarter campaign that Natalie spearheaded. In 2021, Natalie was selected as a Finalist in the Sundance Institute Creative Producing Lab.
indie film Producing
"See You Soon" directed by Tyler Rabinowitz​​​​​​​
A gay man travels across the country to spend the weekend with someone he's been talking to for months on a dating app, hoping to find the kind of romance that he grew up thinking he'd never get to experience.
narrative Short Film
Sixteen-year-old Grace prepares for her baptism in the rural 1950s South. When she learns she must repent before the ritual, she begins to question the budding romantic feelings she has toward her best friend, Louise.
narrative Short Film
"RETRIEVAL" directed by Fatimah Asghar
RETRIEVAL is a lyrical short film that explores the process of a soul retrieval in the aftermath of sexual assault - the spriritual undertaking of bringing back a part of your soul that has been traumatically separated. Holding the line between magic, fantasy, and grounded reality, the film asks the question: what sight of miraculous intervention do we need to conduct to seam together such a violent rupture?
Experimental Short Film
"Pritty: The Animation" directed by Terrance Daye
On a scorching summer day at a community pool, a shy teen learns to step out of his comfort zone, and with the help of a charming neighborhood boy, overcomes his fear of the deep end.
Short animation | Status: Currently in post-production
On the eve of her cotillion ball, Celeste, a seventeen-year-old closeted poet, experiences an unexpected new love that shifts her role in the traditional rite of passage ceremony.
narrative Short Film | NOW STREAMING ON HBOMAX
"The Peace & Body Roll Duo" directed by Ayanna Long
A short music documentary with Washington D.C. musical duo, BOOMscat created for Brandeis University's Music Unites US Residency
Short music Documentary​​​​​​​
"What Here Needs Love" directed by Daniel Antebi
A fire destroys half their family. Father and daughter wrestle with each other and the past to resurrect the love left between them.
Experimental Short Film ​​​​​​​
"a dios" directed by Daniel Antebi
Two Latinx nannies meet God in the reflection of a puddle.
Experimental Short Film
Associate Producing for Vogue
Associate Producing + Editing for Viacom's logotv

*click on the image above to watch the video

*click on the image above to watch the video​​​​​​​

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